There and Here Again: A Hoosier’s Tale, by Rebekah Shirar

Maybe that is what I should have titled my blog. Let me know what you think.

Goodness, I haven’t posted since last year and I’m pretty sure I could write a book equal to the size of The Hobbit with everything that has happened between now and then, but I won’t. Blogs are not meant to be lengthy and I have too many errands to run on my day off.

So now, let me reflect on the high points.

Ah, Okay.

So, I could start by talking about what it’s like to work in fashion retail during the holidays, and even though there would be some comical moments, the just thinking about it for me, would put a sour taste in my mouth and potentially a tear in my eye, so I’m going to skip that. I would so much rather write about how I got my love back, right before Christmas, over Football and beer (wine in my case), how beautiful my mom’s house looked all decorated and cozy; how I helped my brother propose to his girlfriend among close friends and family; and how I spent the new year with three of my best friends from college.

Now, it seems we are all back in the swing of things…the decorations are down, it’s work work work, and some play.

I’ve been helping Benji (my boyfriend, I’ve decided that’s what I’ll call him on here) with some projects on his new house, which I love! Tearing down walls and sanding floors is hard work, but feels so good. He’s so good at teaching me things and I love learning. It would probably be better for him if my girly arms didn’t give out so quickly, but I think he appreciates the help/company and he enjoys teaching. So, we are having fun with that and I am having fun watching him with this house…like a child playing with his new toy.

The house sits on a quiet street just south of downtown Indy and at night in the upstairs bedroom, if you look out, you can see the skyline all lit up between the trees. I think it might just be my favorite. As I was standing there the other evening, I realized that I’m starting to fall in love with this city. It’s taken about two years, but it’s really grown on me. Don’t get me wrong, this country girl will always love her woods and fields, but Indy has so much to offer. And that brings me to my new years resolutions of sorts.

*To find 2 new gems in the city a month. There are so many new restaurants/shops that are popping up around here, fun local businesses that I want to support and experience. I’ll be blogging about those as well.

*To get out of the city more. To go to state parks, visit friends, and get out of the country….

WHICH I AM FINALLY DOING next month! Yes, my flight is booked and I’m headed to NICARAGUA for my lovely friend and her destination wedding. I cannot begin to express my excitement over this first adventure and how great it will be to experience it with a handful of my close friends. It’s my first trip out of the states and what a good reason to go, right? I think it will change me. I hope to catch the “Traveler’s Fever” and go on many trips after. I’ve always wanted to see the world and it’s starting. This Hoosier is stepping out.

Adventure is my word for the year. I’m reading books like Wild and watching movies by Peter Jackson and feeling inspired again. Inspired to be brave, try new things, get out of my comfort zone, love in new ways, and take risks.

So, how’s that for reflection?